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The Priest of Blood

Author: Douglas Clegg
Genre: Horror
Reviewed by: Kim Richards

Priestofbloodcover-1The Priest of Blood is one of the latest projects by horror author, Doug Clegg. This story is pleasantly surprising in that it is more of a fantasy which takes a very dark turn. The Priest of Blood is a story of one boy’s life journey from that of destitute son of a prostitute to becoming the Priest of Blood. We walk with him as he finds fortune enough to earn the role of falcon boy for the local nobility, across the battlefields of holy war and into the realm of the vampyre.

This tale is not to be lumped with the traditional vampire tales of our generation. It is decidedly different with an atmosphere more mythological than anything else. The world involved has a medieval feel with its own rich history and ancient legends of demons and witchcraft.

The story is spoken to us by the Priest of Blood himself, formerly known as Aleric “Falconer”. His is a tale of love and loss, friendship and hardship, life and death and life-after-death. He bears witness to his own mother’s burning, finds a long lost brother and unwillingly leads two friends into a hellish life ahead filled with death and damnation.

Fantasy enthusiasts will love this story so don’t let the former horror works of the author fool you into passing it by. Horror fans will not be disappointed either for Clegg brings a vivid tale to life with fantastical monsters from which even the vampyre are not immune.

Reviewer’s note: The copy I have of The Priest of Blood is a limited, signed, collector’s edition from Shocklines Press. However, this wonderful story is slated to come out in trade hardcover in 2005. Look for it from Berkley/Ace. The Priest of Blood is only the beginning. There will be more to come which I will be anxiously waiting to get my hands on.


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